Top 5 Best Famous Quotes By Famous People with photograph Quotes

Best Famous Quotes By Famous People


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

–Henry Ford

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Best Inspirational Quotes by Great Personalities – Quotes by Famous People

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi


You must be the change

you wish to see in the world


– Mahatma Gandhi


Quote by Nelson Mandela


The greatest glory in living lies

not in never falling,

but in rising every time we fall.


– Nelson Mandela



Quote by Abraham Lincoln


People are just as happy as

they make up their minds to be.


– Abraham Lincoln



Quote by Dhirubhai Ambani


If you don’t build your dream,

someone else will hire you

to help them build theirs.


– Dhirubhai Ambani



Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte


Victory is not always

winning the battle…

but rising every time you fall.


– Napoleon Bonaparte


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